There aren´t many things that can caress the human soul as pleasantly and positively as chocolate. This delicious tasty food with its wonderful effects remains still mysterious. Recently some scientists have come with an explanation by claiming to discover plant hormones of “happiness and love” in cocoa beans similar to those that the brain of the person produces in love.
Belgian chocolate is a delicacy affecting human emotions. Human taste, smell, sight, touch and even hearing are involved when,
for example, you hear praise with delightful sigh of a person that has just tasted it. Therefore our collection of extraordinary chocolate delicacies has named itself – EMOTI.

LATEST NEWS. On a global scale our company is really dynamic and during the last years we add to our range a lot of new attractive products. And in this trend we won’t stop. This all stuffs we do for please you and please your clients. This fact speaks for us and we would be grateful if we have still your favour.




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